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With the winds of war blowing, we are in the hands of man over
George W. powerful in the world: George W. Bush., And it is that today, no one intended,
as Plato argued that the states are ruled by philosophers, but at
. least not hurt that are in the hands of people with clear ideas.
It is worth on the Internet site, where
. record the memorable quotes from BushAmong them I have the following bolting,
no date or place:

. "If we do not make war, we run the risk of failure."

"It is not pollution that threatens the environment, but the impurity
del aire y del agua». air and water. "

For journalists

. "You should ask me that question. No tuve oportunidad de I had no opportunity to
preguntarle al que me hizo la pregunta. I did ask the question.. What question is it? ".
(Austin, Texas, 8-01-01). (Austin, Texas, 8-01-01).

"I think if you know what he believes, will be much easier to respond to his
pregunta. question. ». I can not answer your question. " (Reynoldsburg, Ohio, 4-10-00). (Reynoldsburg, Ohio, 4-10-00).

. "The woman who knew that I suffered dyslexia. How do you know if I ever me
I interviewed with her? ".

(Orange, California, 15-09-00). (Orange, Calif., 15-09-00).


"The illegitimacy is something we have to talk in terms of not
. take it. "

"I think we're in an irreversible path towards more freedom and democracy.
But things can change. " (22-05-98).

"I am attentive not only to preserve the executive branch for me, but also
for my predecessors. " (Washington, 29-01-01). (Washington, 29-01-01).

"We are committed to working with both parties to bring the level of
terror to a level acceptable to both parties. " (Washington, 2-10-01). (Washington, 2-10-01).

"I know that in Washington there are many ambitions. It's natural.
But I hope that
ambitious to realize that it is easier to win with a success that
a failure. " (Entrevista a la Associated Press, 18-01-01). (An interview with the Associated Press, 18-01-01).

Austin, "The biggest thing for America is that everyone should vote".

"We want anyone who can find a job is able to
finding a job. "

(Programa 60 minutos II, 5-12-00). (Agenda 60 minutes II, 5-12-00).

"It is important to understand that there are more trading trade."
(Cumbre de las Américas, Quebec City, 21-04-01). (Summit of the Americas, Quebec City, 21-04-01).


"Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our
niños». ". (18-09-95).

"I want to say that the Bush administration is result-oriented,
because I believe in the result of focusing one's attention and energy on
education for children in reading, because we have an education system
attentive to children and their parents, rather than looking at a system that rejects
change and that will make America what we want to be, a country of people who
». can read and who knows how to wait. " (Washington, 11-01-01). (Washington, 11-01-01).

"The public education system is one of the foundations of our democracy.
After all, is where children learn to be American
responsible citizens, and learn the skills necessary to
Take advantage of our society opportunistic. "(15 - 05-02).


"Natural gas is hemispheric I like to call in the hemisphere
nature, because it is the product that we can find in the neighborhood. "
(Austin, 20-12-00). (Austin, 20-12-00).

».(Saginaw "I know that human beings and fish can coexist peacefully." (Saginaw
29-09-00) Asuntos Exteriores 29-09-00) Foreign Affairs

"We lost a lot of time talking about Africa with justice. Africa is a

a nation that suffers from incredible disease. " (Press Conference, 14-09-00).

"I have spoken with Vicente Fox, Mexico's new president, to take
to send oil to the United States. So do not rely on oil
abroad. " (First presidential debate, 10 - 03-00).

"The problem is that the French have no word for
entrepreneur». entrepreneur. " (Discussing with Blair).

"You also have black?". (As Brazilian President Fernando
Cardoso, State of Sao Paulo, 28-04-02).

"After all, a week ago Yasser Arafat was besieged in his palace
de Ramala, Ramallah, a palace full of clearly German pacifist and all that
. kind of people. Now it is gone. Now, Arafat is free to show their
leadership, to govern the world. "(Washington, 2 - 05-02).

"Many of our imports come from overseas." . Editing, 26-09-00).

la "I understand that the turmoil in the Middle East creates unrest throughout the
región». (Washington, 13 - 03-02).

"My trip to Asia begins in Japan for an important reason. Start here
because a century and a half ago from America and Japan have formed one of the
greater and more enduring alliances of modern times.This alliance
came an era of peace in the Pacific. " (Tokio, 18-02-02). (Tokyo, 18-02-02).

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